It’s All About the All-in-All

Greetings!  Have you gone to the event page for the Oasis Thinking 10-Day Power Cleanse What are you waiting on?  The link is right here: Enjoy!

For those of you that have already joined in and started the transformation, “How are you doing?”  We made it to our Day 4 milestone! How are you feeling? I have been having energy highs and lows, which are at the root of some mood swings as well. Preparation is the key, and I find that preparing to eat, by having food, smoothies, snacks on hand BEFORE I am hungry, makes all the difference. I did not write a new menu for Days 4 and onward. I was kind of feeling out how Days 1-3 were going for us all. I have not eaten any animal protein since the cleanse began, only smoothies, salads, and also sauteed vegetables. I was thinking of steaming or roasting a whole fish, with garlic and onions later for my Shabbat meal. However, I am concerned that this phase of the journey is so important, and I do not want the addition of animal protein to leave me feeling deflated, as often happens when getting off of a raw food regimen. I do notice that not taking vitamins or some type of nutritional supplement also has had a huge impact on my energy and mood. At this point in the cleanse, we each should be making note of how our moods correlate to what we are eating, and also thinking.

All of this news of killings, racism, and injustice that is proliferated in our newsfeeds can be especially challenging to deal with as our bodies are cleansing old toxins, and bringing up old emotions to be purged as well. What to do? Now would be a great time to incorporate some bitter foods and herbs into our regimen. Milk thistle, yellow dock, cerasee, mauby, all cleanse the liver, and encourage it to release old stored toxins. Also, NOTICE the emotions, and strive not to REACT to them. Our stand and commitment for the peace, protection, and prosperity of our families, communities, and our entire world must be present at all times. Yes, we are human. And as such, upsetting or sad events can be very disheartening. But the game is in continuing to BE THE LIGHT. Lower vibrations, and their manifestations in our lower selves will always be there. However, it is up to us as to whether or not we will allow them to come out into the daylight, or transform into positive actions.


Now is the time to be still. Get quiet. Turn off the distractions. Even if it means this page will see less traffic for 2 days, that is fine! As you all know, I am a Sabbath keeper, and I will not be posting anything on here, after sundown Friday, nor all-day Saturday, until after sunset. I suggest you do the same, or choose another day to shut your social media usage down. We need to think our own thoughts, access our own motives, and come up with new actions for success. Getting in touch with the Divinity within is what will guide us through the challenges of cleansing, as well as the barrage of emotional attacks that we are receiving from news and other types of media.

So make up your mind about a regimen that will suit you for the next 2-3 days of our cleanse.  Is it going to be strictly green juice? Or smoothies and salads? Or will it be one cooked meal per day and the rest liquids? You make the choice, and be empowered. You don’t need to look outside of yourself for answers. Meditate. Pray. Declare. Invoke. D. And most of all, REST. After you’ve done all the business, calmed down with yoga, sweat in the sauna, juiced a gallon of green juice, used essential oils, chanted Psalms, and took a bath in sea salt, Epsom salts, and rose petals. . . at the end of the day, what you are left with is your COMMITMENT. Love yourself enough to accept that it is ENOUGH. Shabbat Shalom Family! May you make your blessing.


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