Join the 10-Day Power Cleanse with Oasis Thinking!

You. Me. A bunch of other positive people.  Together.  Harnessing the collective momentum of unity, to bring about healing within ourselves and our community.  That’s the crux of this cleanse.

Those of you who did the 5-Day Oasis Thinking Raw Food Feast this past March, you can attest as to how powerful the combination of living foods, meditation, and positive energy can be.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t plan on doing a cleanse at this particular time.  It was actually sparked by the awful racist and savage treatment of the young people who attended a pool party in McKinney, Texas a few weeks ago.  I was reading comments from friends, stating how sad and upset they felt, as well as powerless.  I made a comment that we had better step our game up to protect our children, and that I would lead a 10-Day fast to surround them with protection.  I declared that swift justice would come to all who would harm our children, simply for existing in the beautiful array of hues that we, the melanated ones have.  I even posted a Psalm that is a surefire cure for evil.  Then I invited others to join.  But that’s where the axis shifted.  I remembered that what we think about we bring about, and began to focus on how we could make this cleanse impact our own lives, and the lives of our community, through our sacrifice and discipline.  The McKinney case started this, but we would finish it.

We are beginning at a very critical point on the Earth’s wheel of time.  The Moon has a very strong gravitational pull on the Earth, and the time of New Moon is a perfect time for new beginnings, as evidenced by the billions of farmers who use this moon as a planting guide.  The Most High put various signs, symbols and, seasons in the very fibers of our planet as road markers for us and all beings who reside here.  If we pay attention to them, and coordinate our actions accordingly, we have the capacity to elevate far beyond the mundane.  This month’s New Moon will occur on Tuesday, June 15th, 2015 at 10:05 Eastern Time.  It can be used as a time of quiet, meditative reflection, and a moment to write down a list of the experiences, items, and people you would like to attract to yourself.  Through strong faith, persistent prayer to The Eternal, sacrifice (such as detoxing), and written declarations such as this, it is very possible to manifest the desires of our hearts.  This is even more likely when our desires are for more than our own needs, such as requesting protection for our children, and all children in our world, especially in McKinney, and other cities where they are under attack.  These acts are much more effective, when done in grateful expectancy.

Below you will find the basic guidelines of this detoxifying program.  Please consult with your health care professional before undertaking this or any type of detoxifying program.

Days 1-3 

Pure, warm water with lemon, upon rising

Also, be sure to use the following formula to calculate how much water you should drink daily: The number of your weight (e.g. 200 lbs), divided by 2 and changed into ounces (e.g. 100 oz.).  Using this calculation, a 140 pound woman should be drinking at least 70 oz of water daily.  It seems like a lot, but work your way up to it, and really try it.  You will feel like you are floating on air!  Most of us exist in a chronic state of dehydration and have no idea how it feels to be fully hydrated, thereby fighting off illness, and making weight loss much easier.


Your choice of one of the following shakes:

Green smoothie : any combination of green leafy veggies, and fruit that you desire, with water, coconut water, or vegan milk, along with other boosts such as spirulina, hemp protein, or a green drink powder.  Bananas and avocado are perfect for creating a smooth creamy milkshake texture, and filling you up as well.


Nut punch: Raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, and/or sunflower seeds, with water, blended with a banana, and several dates for sweetness. Note:  Adding green juice powder to this makes it especially wonderful.


Green smoothie or Herbal tea, unsweetened.  Netlles, lemongrass, soursop, peppermint, hibiscus (red zinger), or ginger tea will be especially helpful now.

Super salad: Pile a huge plate full of dark leafy greens, such as kale, collards, or spinach, chopped in a chiffonade (ribbon) style.  Next add lettuce (romaine, bibb, boston, no iceberg) and other spring greens such as arugula.  Add cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, onions, garlic, sunflower sprouts, cherry or grape tomatoes, green apples, and pumpkin seeds or any of the nuts or seeds listed in the nut punch recipe above.  If you must have animal protein, choose fish (not shellfish) or lean poultry as a topping.  Dressing should be a combination of olive oil, fresh lemon and sea salt, with grated fresh ginger, and a dash of cayenne & other spices (no black pepper).


Fruit smoothie: Fruit of your choice, coconut water or nut milk, sea moss gel, banana or dates for sweetness, cinnamon, nutmeg. Or click the link for more recipes.


Herbal tea

Check out the dinner section on this list of 49 Detox recipes:

I would recommend that you choose a recipe that is free of animal ingredients, but once again, if you must, then use your wisdom of what works with your body.

Sister Afya Ibomu also has a lovely kale salad wrap recipe on her website .  I would recommend replacing the wheat wrap with a large collard green leaf, and also removing the tempeh and replacing it with either chickpeas, lentils, or black beans (prepared from dry beans, not canned).

Or flip the lunch salad and have it for dinner, while you have one of the dinner recipes for lunch.

Okay, I am grateful for the time you are taking to travel on this with us.  Please leave a comment below, and be sure to join the movement by saying you will be attending the 10-Day Power Cleanse.  Check out more info on the Oasis Thinking FB page


2 thoughts on “Join the 10-Day Power Cleanse with Oasis Thinking!

  1. What a beautiful and healthy challenge. I look forward to engaging in something similar upon the completion of Ramadan next month. This month it’s a lot more restrictive due to the festivity, mandated discipline I need again and commitment. I appreciate this build though.

    • Thanks for the love, Sister Beautiful SeeAsia. I look forward to collaborating with you, on continuing to bring the awareness of healthy lifestyle changes to women in our community.

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