6 Must Have Wealth Attracting Crystals

Gemineye Whole Health & Wellness

During my many years of being a gemstone consultant one of the most asked about areas is how to attract prosperity and wealth through gemstone therapy. I often recommend some well known common stones but in this list I’ve decided to add a few which are less talked about that are powerful at attracting the prosperity that we all need in our lives.

*Crystal tip* Place any of these gems in the farthest back left corner of your home to increase and attract more abundant wealth into your life.



1. Citrine: A Bright and vibrant energy this gemstone is commonly recommended for wealth attracting and assisting in cultivating a positive mindset about life and finances.

2. Moss Agate: A gentle and pure energy moss agates soothing nature is also know for attracting prosperity to those who use it.

3. Amethyst: Not commonly associated with wealth attracting amethyst assists you…

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