Day Five: Feeling Alive


Blessed Uprising, Champions!  We are almost there, so close to our finish line of completing 5 days on the Oasis Thinking Raw Food Feast.  I am so grateful to my loyal comrades, who showed real discipline during this feast. Today, I want to acknowledge a book that I found helpful.  Raw Food for Real People, by Rod Rotundi was fun to read, and a reminder that the raw lifestyle can be incorporated by anyone.

I pray that this feast leaves you wanting more, because Oasis Thinking has more events like this planned.  Stay focused, stay light, and stay tuned.  We are fast appproaching the Holy season of Pesach, a time to humble ourselves and be thankful to The Eternal once more.

May we merit the blessings of remembrance, of the miracles performed for our ancestors in days of old.  Shabbat Shalom!


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