Day Four: Happy 4th Birthday!

Today marks four years since I gave birth to my son, Ezra.  He was born exactly twelve months and eight days after my daughter, sneaking into my life, and changing it forever. This child was the sweetest baby, so quiet and content, we sometimes forgot he was in the room.  He would just sit and watch everything around him, studying and observing his surroundings.  Nowadays he is very active, chatty, and concerned with figuring out how everything works. Motherhood has shown me so much of myself, that I had no clue existed.  The labor with my first child was so intense, I considered not having any more.  To think, I almost missed the opportunity to be responsible for the growth and development of this amazing young man.


My life is exactly the way it should be, despite my previous struggles with accepting the parts of it that haven’t gone as planned.  On this fourth day of the Spring 2015 Oasis Thinking Raw Food Feast, I am truly happy.  Even if I wanted so much to eat the curry channa and forbidden rice, that I served Ezra for his birthday dinner.  Even if it took forever to write this post- between dinner, Yemiymah spilling coconut water on herself, the table, and floor, AND Ezra pressing my phone’s touchscreen, just to bug me. 20150326_180717 For me, restricting my diet to only raw foods for a specific period of time, actually slows time down.  I think “fasts” should actually be called “slows”.  Fasting slows down the mindless consumption and preoccupation with eating, leaving room to be present and enjoy life in the moment. We have one more day left in this feast.  I pray that The Eternal will look upon our commitment to restricting ourselves, with favor.  I pray that we all have more clarity and focus on being grateful for our many blessings. And I pray for restoration of perfect health in our bodies, that we be blessed to see many more birthdays of our children, and our children’s children.


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