Day One of Oasis Thinking Raw Food Feast

How is everything going with you while participating in the Oasis Thinking Raw Food Feast?  Remember to listen to your body and to take in enough calories, by eating more frequently.  Fruits and veggies are utilized quickly by the body, so add some healthy fat in the form of nuts, seeds, or a tablespoon or two of coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

Also, don’t be afraid to eat the thicker greens raw, like collards or kale.  These are nutritional powerhouses, and contain iron, calcium, vitamin K, fiber, and much more.  Use kale in a salad, marinated with lemon and fresh garlic. Collards are great as wraps, and can be rolled right up into rolls, containing sprouts, seed pate, & shredded veggies marinated with ginger and lime.

Above all, tune into your higher self and get lots of rest.  Read a good book, meditate, pray, take a warm bath with sea salt or Epsom salt. Now is the time to check out that raw food cookbook from your local library!

Get medical advice if you have a preexisting condition,  and even if you do not, check with your health advisor to make sure you’re healthy enough to sustain this raw regimen for 5 days. I am not giving out medical advice in this blog.  I am sharing the knowledge and traditions of my ancient ancestors.IMG_20150323_201222

Be well.  Eat well.  Love self.


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