The Value of Psalms

The Book of Psalms has been of constant value to me, from since I was a little girl being instructed by my father on which ones to read for comfort, completion, strength, power, justice, and more.  When I began learning to recite Hebrew to be able to take part in the Sephardic liturgy, Psalms was how I practiced.  Even tonight, I scanned my mental Psalms library for which one would suit my present condition, and I have been singing 23 in my head. 

Through my many life changes, I have always kept Psalms close to my heart and on my lips.  So when I read the news that the first book ever printed in the continental U.S. went for more than 14 million USD at auction today, it didn’t surprise me that it was a copy of The Book of Psalms, translated strictly from Hebrew to English by the Puritans!  This is the highest auction price ever paid for a book, they say.  The value of Psalms has truly been tried, tested, and proven to stand the test of time.  Baruch Hashem!

Here is a list of 5 Psalms that are favorites in my family, for a wide variety of uses:






I pray you enjoy meditating on these ancient words of wisdom.


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