Consistently Inconsistent

In a phone call this morning, I was sharing with one of my old college besties about a wellness concept that I have been reading about recently.  My friend laughed as she told me I was “temporarily passionate”.  I think she even said that she could always count on me to be “temporarily passionate”.  In her description of me, I was someone who gets so invigorated, excited, and hype over a new piece of information or whatever, that I am into it 150%.  But after it has run its course, I am thoroughly “over it”.

One of the qualities I enjoy most about having longtime besties is the freedom and honesty with which we can communicate with one another.  Here this woman was, essentially calling me a “flake”, and to my face at that!  Yet, our conversation continued smoothly, with uninterrupted love and laughter.  How was that possible?

Years ago a conversation like that might have sent me reeling into a sea of mental inquiry, self-doubt, and yes even self-bashing. Although most folks would consider me a maverick or one who makes her own choices, without caring what others think, that has not really been the case.  I have spent many a morning, day, and night, mulling over the perception that others have of me.

Nowadays, though I appear to care more about the opinions of others, I actually care MUCH less.  I am really most concerned with my self-image, and the image that The Most High has of me.  So this morning, my friend’s words hit me just the way they were intended, as light, ticklish pokes in my ribs, given with love, appreciation, and no malice whatsoever.  I am thankful to have a friendship that documents my ever-changing endeavors, viewpoints, research, and passions.  I am especially thankful for the self confidence to be able to have such a friendship, without getting lost in my friend’s perception of “me”.  It actually afforded me an opportunity to ask myself, “Hmm, what kind of business/career/hobby would benefit from my ability to get passionate and inspired so thoroughly, yet let go very quickly when it had run its course?”  I also reminded her that although the information I have shared with a passion over the years may have changed, the topics have remained consistent: Health & Wellness, Spirituality, Education, Empowerment, All Things Craftsy, Self-Improvement, and Business Innovations.

Armed with this unintentional evaluation of myself and my passions, I am reinvigorated in my journey toward economic independence through self-actualization.  This is also know as “Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do”, just like a book I read by that title many years by Robert Anthony .  So how do you like that for a blessing to start off my day?  The gift of reflecting on exactly what kind of life I would be excited to live, and what work will be my best vehicle to get there.

I came up with the following list:

1. Travel reporter

2. Feature journalist

3. Inspirational Speaker

4. Retreat Facilitator

5. Workshop Presenter

6. Children’s Book Author

7. Talk Radio Show Host

8. Wellness Consultant

All or most of these paths can be supported or enhanced by maintaining an online presence. When my “consistent inconsistency” or ebb and flow of periods of activity and rest occur, my online presence will be constant.  Hmm, looks like this freedom within stability thing is a possibility after all!!

I look forward to hearing your comments on this topic.  Are you the one your friends and family call fickle?  Tell me more about how you make freedom & self-expression work for you while maintaining your relationships and quality of life.  As always, I am extremely grateful for the time you take to read and respond to the posts!


2 thoughts on “Consistently Inconsistent

  1. LOVE THIS! I’m like that too. Thank you for reminding me that it’s not that “I give up on things after a while.” That’s how I describe myself. I always felt like I would give up on things easily or quickly. xoxoxox

    I also have friends like yours. Carmita told me once I was “such a Leo.” I laughed because I never thought I was. After I laughed, she said, “Yes you are! But it’s ok. I know it and I love you. I’m sure an opportunity to show you will come up.” Guess what. Not long after that, she had the opportunity to show me! Love moments like that!

  2. Oh Zully, us creatives really have the best lives & the best friends don’t we? I am inspired by the joy and passion you give to your various interests, especially the fun you have gaining the discipline to do them all! Way to go World Traveler Yogi!

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