So I Guess It’s “5 Poems at a Time” Month?

Ok.  So I did not honor my word to participate in National Poetry Writing Month by writing a poem-a-day.  I am still in the game, though, and here are my “catch up” poems.  Enjoy!


P.S. Happy 90th birthday to my grandmother Louise Gilbert, and happy twenty-third birthday to my twin cousins Darrell and Darnell Alexander (all 3 share the same day in April)!


Money Affirmation Haiku

I am allowed to

have more.  Receiving blessings.

I am abundant!


Making the Impossible Possible

Boldness and all its genius

isn’t about convenience

but letting go of fear

and letting faith repair

those breaches in belief

that very often creep 

into our minds when we’re not looking

like a hair in food you’re cooking

You wouldn’t put that on the plate!

So do the same for your mental state

Root out those limiting beliefs 

And watch your light increase. . .


Acrostic Healing

Health and wealth now

Eating nourishing fruits 

Abundantly giving without fear

Loving freely and fully

Trusting My Creator 

Healing mind, body, and soul


Proverbs 31 Woman Limerick

Her children rise and call her blessed

About the future she’s not stressed

Her husband trusts her with his life

His joyous, blossom of a wife

Living life well, with so much zest!


Freedom Zone

this is my freedom.

my birthright. my place. something

i choose to live for.







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