Woman of Honor, Wisdom, & Grace









This morning I received news that a library in Marabella, Trinidad burned to the ground. That is, my 93-year old “Anty Vere” made her transition from this physical world back to The Eternal. I am so thankful to have experienced the blessing and honor of having her example of dignity, grace, and unyielding faith in The Almighty. She was the grandchild of a midwife, and made sure that I had all of the healing herbs needed to recover when I had my first baby, 3 years ago.

At 90, she remembered the various different local herbs that I needed to to drink to encourage milk supply & cleanse my blood, as well as those I needed to bathe with or stoop over to speed the healthy recovery of my womb.

I will never forget her style, grace, wit, wisdom, and most of all her hugs and smiles. It was an honor to have known her! I will carry her legacy of love forward with me every day as I hold my babies, and thank my Creator for allowing me to take them to Trinidad last year, to see the lady who helped make their breast milk abundant, rich, and sweet.


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