I’m on Elance!

I just registered as a freelance writer, editor, & proofreader on Elance!  I am so excited about the way the format for getting jobs is set up.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Elance, it is an online resource for freelance artists & other experts (writers, illustrators, etc) looking for work, and those who are looking to hire them.  It offers a safe, convenient way to jump into the freelance world, with the added security of having Elance collect and distribute payments.  Also, the jobs are awarded based on bidding proposals.

Bidding on jobs is a great opportunity to practice asking for what you want, and not selling yourself short!  Plus, now I can find the wo/manpower for those projects that are in my head that require skills that I do not currently possess.  I am so thankful for finding out about this site, first through an email from www.freedomwithwriting.com, then again from  T’helah Ben-Dan, children’s book author & owner of Kefar Publishing.   The email highlighted Elance as a resource for freelance writers.  Then, about a week later, T’helah shared with me that her experience hiring freelancers on Elance was positive.  I figured I should check them out, since I was hearing good things from both sides of the equation, freelancers & employers.  Here’s to expanding my horizons and reaching for dreams fulfilled in unexpected places!

Check out my Elance profile by clicking on this link: http://yaelbyisrael.elance.com


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