Poetry Therapy

Many of you may know that I am a poet.  Many of you may not.  Nevertheless, for the purpose of creating a free space for us to heal and discuss healing, I will share some poems on this blog.  Some you will like.  Some you will not.  Some will make you question the human existence and whether Oasis Thinking is really possible.  It is. We are all here to become transformed.  This is as close to a disclaimer as I will give.  Today’s poem is fresh off the press, and quite raw.  If you cannot handle the topic or opinions, feel free to stop reading, and go do something creative/meditative.  Be responsible for your own mind and I will be responsible for my words.

Thanks, The Management

Everybody Hates a Baby Killer

Everybody Hates a Baby Killer

Nobody’s been there

Somebody please see the savage

can be found anywhere

Its a lethal injection or rather influx of rage

mixed with sleep deprivation that lets the beast out the cage

Turn the page of the paper turn up the local newscast

Every week something happens to make a moment the last

For an innocent baby

Found guilty of one crime

Pushing mother past the brink

Screaming, crying all the time

This is the poem no one writes

For fear of being judged a mess

Where are THEY on the dark nights

Blame blossoms in beds of stress

Fertilized in the soil of single parenting woes

Weeds unchecked overgrow into what nobody knows

And nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen

Can transform from a ditty to a recurring theme

That gets louder and louder

with each tick every tock

Minutes turn into hours

on that bitch of a clock

That waits for no one

and will not be turned back

Unexplained bouts of annoyance

get answered with a smack

Done too hard due to anger

fogging up the mind’s windows

The body of a toddler

can’t withstand hate-propelled blows

How could love turn so ugly

in such a short time?

The child who once was so sweet

Now turns her salty as brine?

Let’s just say its what Trinis call

“Taking God of out your thoughts”

And the over-extended family

With the reluctant support

Because lets face it you chose the

birthing room over the hanger

or the population control

intended by Margaret Sanger

Everybody’s got their own problems

Somebody might say. . .but

Nobody admits

to turning mothers this way

Whether its husband or boyfriend

who has turned his back

Grandmother or auntie

not picking up the slack

Yet they all look so tearful

on the Fox 5 report

When the cries are long squelched

after unthinkable last resort

Where were they when the hatred

and resentment were building?

Do they remember their own violence

and verbal attacks on their children?

The lessons they never taught

on discipline and self-control

or how to transfer raw fury

onto something you can hold

Like a yoga posture, a pen

or a note of a song

Its so much easier to lay blame

Label her savage and wrong

Reveal her temper or how

she  had so little knowledge

Of children’s cycles and seasons

because she’d dropped out of college

Even if she’s upscale and otherwise a saint

The next door neighbor has a memory to paint

Of how devoted she seemed and what a very great shock

If only they had known they would surely have knocked

Gave a hug or more like

a nod of support

But the walls are so thick

and parenting is bloodsport

We enter life bathed in blood

and spend it trying to come clean

of the pain we caused Mama

To raise Papa’s esteem

Weekly fellowship and praise

empty sacrifice and tithes

powerless to help raze

the cancer rotting inside

Walking timebombs set off

when attention-starved children

Trip the fuse that was short

and the explosion’s what killed them

Can you judge a camel with a broken back?

Count each kerosene-soaked straw before your fireside chat

Everybody stop playing

Somebody stopped praying and

Nobody EVER had been meditating

The beast within us all

had ample time to grow

no instant gratification

the healing comes slow

Yet we each have the will

the choice to be a lifesaver

Lighting candles for life

We do ourselves a favor

The Eternal is waiting

for our return and repentance

Of us all avowed as one

Let’s go and ask for forgiveness

Take action

Do chants for a peace-driven world

in honor and duty

To all those dead boys and girls.

In memory of all the babies/toddlers/children that have died at the hands of their mothers.  May your short lives inspire healing in those of us who live on.

To all the potential “baby killers” (and it could be anyone), take a moment to stop, breathe, walk away, pray, meditate, exercise, do yoga, call someone, write, or do some art.  Anything that will stop the cycle of rage will make a difference for now.  To make a long term difference, GET HELP.  Here are some links for support:

1. Parents Helping Parents, a website aimed to prevent child abuse through education, a Parental Stress Line, and Parental Support Groups:http://www.parentshelpingparents.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=95

2. One Tough Job, a website created by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund to “give parents immediate access to current, reliable and practical information about parenting and child development. The site is available in both English and Spanish.” http://www.onetoughjob.org/

3. New York State Parenting Education Partnership: “All children should grow up in nurturing families. The mission of the New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) is to make that happen, by improving parenting skills and behavior through a strong, statewide network.” Click on the link to find a parenting program in your area:http://www.parentingeducationpartnership.org/get-help-now/

4. National Parent Helpline: “Contact the National Parent Helpline® to get emotional support from a trained Advocate and become empowered and a stronger parent.  Being a parent is a critically important job, 24 hours a day. Sometimes it’s not easy.”

5. SURVIVOR TO THRIVER, the Manual and workbook for adult survivors
of child abuse who want to move-on with life.  Available in print, online version, pdf, or for Kindle and Nook. http://www.ascasupport.org/manual.php

6. Article “Yoga Helping Prevent Child Abuse, Improve Parenting Skills” http://wsutoday.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=26923&TypeID=1

7. Article,“Preventing Child Abuse, a ‘Totally Jewish’ Value” http://ssa.uchicago.edu/preventing-child-abuse-totally-jewish-value

7. Click to learn about Joyful Heart Foundation, founded by Mariska Hargitay, lead actres of Law & Order:Special Victims Unit. http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/ourstory.htm

8.. HELP JOYFUL HEART PREVENT CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO: Lend your support to a parent or caregiver. Offer a helping hand, prepare a meal together or simply ask how they’re doing. Click here to find out more, and sign up for this awesome opportunity to save a child’s life and support a parent in need. http://www.kindsnacks.com/dtkt/mission/current


7 thoughts on “Poetry Therapy

  1. Extremely powerful and thought provoking….forces a new interpretation of “death” and inspires the quest for a better life…for ourselves, our men and our children…Thank you…

  2. The story we never want to hear- “we too can be murderer’s”. Blaming takes us off the hook. It’s easier to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good vs Evil!


    • Thanks for reading and totally “getting” this piece. Parents are humans too, and rage and frustration are very real human emotions. If nobody talks about it, eventually the pot may boil over. Who feels it knows it, for sure.

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