What is Oasis Thinking?

Welcome to my new blog, Oasis Thinking.

I know you probably have your own idea of what Oasis Thinking might be.  For me, the term is a way to describe the kind of mindset that can make miracles happen- miracles of healing, miracles of faith, miracles of happiness and fulfilled lives.  It is the ability to bring a green oasis mentality to a barren desert of circumstances, and actually transform that desert to a rainforest.

I have been interested in the body’s ability to heal itself since I was 14 years old, when my Life Science teacher explained his choice to become vegetarian.  It intrigued me to hear him describe the structure of the human intestine vs. that of a carnivore like a lion or tiger.  Little did I know that Mr. Hirsch’s sharing that information would lead me on the very same path in the future.  (Not to be a lion or tiger, but to eat plants instead of animals)

At age 16, I gave up eating red meat in favor of poultry and fish.  About 3 years later I had a short stint with giving up poultry, but eventually returned to it sparingly.  All of my dietary changes were prompted by my desire to live a healthy disease-free life, which was reinforced by my desire to follow the dietary laws as recorded in the Torah.

The year I turned 30, I completed my first 90-day raw fast, in which I ate strictly raw fruits and vegetables, including sea vegetables like Irish moss. Since then I have done 1 more on my own, and 2 more with friends.  I ended my last 90-days-raw in July of this year, with the commitment to be a vegan from now on.  I have also done the Master Cleanse 2 times, for 10 days and 11 days respectively.  Throughout the years, I have gone on countless juice fasts as well.  So as you can see, my commitment to healing through nutrition has been quite strong.

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And then there is the mind.  You know that mysterious place, where the seeds of greatness can either flourish, or be beaten back before they get a chance to even sprout?  In my quest for better health and wellness, I have found that my greatest allies and enemies lie in my mind.  No matter how great I am eating, if I am thinking thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, and stress, I will not have optimal health.

In this blog, I will be exploring various methods, activities, exercises, meditations, etc., with the aim of employing the mind’s great capacity to jump start and facilitate bodily healing.  We were given the birthright of Divine health from The Eternal when our bodies were first fashioned perfectly.  We ought to do all we can to return them as close to perfect when we are done with them.  Don’t you agree?  Well let’s create an oasis in our mind!

Try the following meditation to warm up your oasis thinking muscles:

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed with your knees bent, and feet under your thighs.  Or, sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, back straight.  Close your eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths.  Then, slowly begin to regulate your breathing by inhaling deeply and holding it, then exhaling deeply and holding it.  Envision a green oasis in a desert that is lush and full of life.  This is your own personal oasis.  Dwell there and keep breathing for as long as you like.  Return to your oasis in times of stress, or whenever you need a mental pick-me-up.  Strive to build in daily time for deep breathing and visualization exercises of this sort and more.  You are on your way to optimal health!


4 thoughts on “What is Oasis Thinking?

  1. loving these inspirational words. most meaningful thought for me here are in these words expressed “..No matter how great I am eating, if I am thinking thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, and stress, I will not have optimal health…” i am in total agreement with you here. further, i am thankfull for your meditation warm up, while it seems very simple to apply, it takes a great deal of strength to maintain that discipline. much love for sharing, comes right on time for me. 1♥

  2. No matter how great I am eating, if I am thinking thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, and stress, I will not have optimal health. Love this! So true… I can’t believe I had not stopped by here before. I could have sworn I had! In any case, it was wonderful to catch up on your blog! xoxoxo Much Love to you Sister!

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